About Us

At kitchenappliancess.co.uk we pride ourselves in offering customers the very best quality-for-money kitchen appliances in the entire world.

We have searched the globe for the very best range of built in kitchen appliances and those such products have been branded as ‘Necht’. Over the last 10 years this product range has grown to include a large comprehensive range of kitchen appliances whilst retaining outstanding value-for-money!

Necht products are without a doubt, the best value-for-money products on today’s market and the Necht range is continually growing and improving.

We’re so confident about Necht products that unlike all other kitchen appliance companies in the UK we don’t ask you to pay for your product until it has been delivered to your home. For more information regarding our ‘Pay on Delivery’ service, click this link.


Because of the price of the products available on this site I was a little sceptacle as to what the quality of the products themselves would be. I have to say though that I am more than pleased with the products that had been delivered and this is now my first stop for all kitchen appliances.

Amazing microwave, amazing price. This little thing is amazing. Thank you Kitchen Appliance.